The Melungeon Heritage Association is a non-profit organization documenting and preserving the history and cultural legacy of mixed ancestry peoples of the southern and eastern United States.  While our focus will be on Melungeon heritage, we firmly believe in the dignity of all mixed ancestry groups and commit to preserving this heritage of ethnic harmony and diversity. MHA does not endorse any particular theory of origin or the work of individual researchers.  Annual Melungeon Unions bringing together researchers and descendants are central to MHA’s mission, but are not the only activities we sponsor.

All who support the work of MHA, whether identifying as mixed ancestry or not, are invited to participate in the work and goals of MHA as well as the gatherings and events.  One of the membership benefits is participation in this ning community, with its many features. As we celebrate our past, we also seek to understand its impact on our lives today and help others to do the same.

The board of directors of MHA is made up of:

S.J. Arthur (KY, President), Scott Withrow (SC, Vice President), Terry Mullins (VA, Secretary), Paul Johnson (VA,Treasurer), Todd Beckham (MA), Claude Collins (TN), Kathy Lyday (NC), Manuel Mira (NC), Elizabeth Williams (WV). Board consultants are Lisa Alther (TN), Marilyn Cheney (MA), Michael Gilley (VA), Jameson Jones (VA), Elmer Maggard (KY), Eddie Manuel (VA), Phyllis Morefield (VA), Stephanie Musick (VA), Arwin Smallwood (NC), Mary Lee Sweet (FL), Rose Trent (TN.)

For further information about MHA, write to; we are not able to answer genealogical research queries. 

A membership form which can be printed and mailed, or emailed, is attached to this message.


We would like to thank all of those who donate to MHA. Without your support, we cannot continue in our work to research, educate, and archive information concerning Melungeons and other mixed ancestry or associated peoples. All donations are tax deductible.

MHA is a federally recognized 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit organization. Thank you for any amounts you contribute to MHA. Do not think your contribution would be too small to be appreciated. All donations, no matter the amount you can afford, are appreciated. 

A PDF form is attached for your convenience in directing your contributions.    


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Frequently Asked Questions about Melungeons are answered in the Information about MHA forum. Information on Melungeon history and research and annual Unions is posted here by members of the Melungeon Heritage Association. Members may join or renew by mail, printing the downloadable membership application and sending with a check for $12 annual dues. Memberships may also be handled online paying dues through PayPal (see BUY NOW button), and sending the downloadable membership form to the email address provided.

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